2024 4th International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Governance(ICEPG 2024)

Keynote Speaker - Prof. Guangming Li, Tongji University, China


Prof. Guangming Li, Tongji University, China


Prof. Guangming Li, professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji University. Engaged in water pollution control and recycling, wastes management and recovery technologies such as urban solid waste, electronic waste, kitchen and organic waste, waste tires and plastics, and hazardous wastes, as well as urban ecological environment and low-carbon sustainable development technology and innovation planning research.He presided over and participated in more than ten major science and technology research projects under the National "Tenth Five Year Plan" 863, the Ministry of Science and Technology Support Plan, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and local governments. Since 2004, I have been involved in the formulation of medium and long-term scientific and technological development plans in Shanghai, serving as the leader of the Ecological Shanghai Special Group, participating in the formulation of Shanghai's "11th Five Year Plan", "12th Five Year Plan", "13th Five Year Plan", and "14th Five Year Plan" scientific and technological development plans, and serving as the leader of the Ecological Shanghai or People's Livelihood Special Group; Participate in the special planning, implementation management, promotion, and application of the World Expo Science and Technology Action Plan. We have conducted exchanges and cooperation with the German University of Technology Berlin, the University of East Anglia in the UK, Japan Construction Engineering Corporation, the Italian Federation for Waste Plastic Recycling, and Thailand Green Rubber.Served as the Deputy Director of the Department of Chemistry (1996-1999), Executive Deputy Director of the Training Center of Higher Technical College (2000-2001), and Deputy Dean of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering (2003-2010), responsible for teaching, research, training, and graduate management work. Currently serving as the Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Department of Tongji University (2010 present), responsible for industry university research cooperation and the service and management of scientific and technological achievements.

Published over 200 research papers in mainstream academic journals both domestically and internationally in this field of expertise; Editor in chief/co editor of 10 academic monographs and textbooks; Apply for more than 10 authorized patents.